Residential Data Center Power Supply

Most business owners and managers understand that at the heart of their business is the need to ensure that information continues to flow. Down time can severely impact their company’s bottom line. It is crucial, therefore, that electricity to your communication equipment never be lost.

Knowing the critical nature of this would it make sense to trust the heart of your business to just another electrical contractor or to someone that has worked in this environment for over 20 years?

We have installed UPS systems, backup generators and sub-floor power cabling for data center equipment. Our experience also covers maintenance of existing rooms including the cleaning of unnecessary power cabling from the sub-floor. Not only does this satisfy code but it ensures added airflow reducing the possible need for additional environmental air.

Whatever your need may be feel free to contact us. We would be more than willing to assist you.

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“All Phase Electrical Contracting has provided top notch electrical services over the last three years. Their team is extremely flexible and their attention to detail in all jobs, large and small, is very professional. “

William V. Durso
Director, Facilities Operations
Nutrisystems, Inc.

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